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Request or renew your LEI code at AJPES

Get a unique global identification and facilitate your cross border business activities.

AJPES is GLEIF accredited issuer of the LEI for eligible companies registered in Slovenia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Kosovo.



Slovenian Business Register

AJPES manages the Slovenian Business Register as a central public database on all business entities, their subsidiaries, and other organization segments located in Slovenia which perform profitable or non-profitable activities.

Public posting of annual reports (JOLP)

Annual reports intended for the public – except those of nonprofit organizations – can be viewed without charge. For companies with a mandated statutory audit, AJPES publishes audited annual reports.

European Business Register

EBR’s information system provides users with simple and easy access to data on business entities from all members of EBR. It also enables the ordering of various documents connected to the companies’ business operations.

Internet toolkit for financial analyses Fi=Po

AJPES offers access to a database of complete financial statements and the most important financial indicators about companies, cooperatives, sole proprietors and associations.

S.BON Credit rating

Credit rating scores are according to the S.BON AJPES model a source of indispensable financial information of Slovenian companies and their business risks. The model classifies Slovenian companies into 10 credit rating scores according to their credit risk.


AJPES is an accredited issuer of the legal entity identifier LEI (Legal Entity Identifier). LEI enables unique identification of legal entities. Global use and continuous quality control is a guarantee for quality, reliable and comparable reference data contained in the LEI.

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