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The European Business Register (EBR) is an information system through which Member States provide data and certain services from their national business registries. The EBR information system provides fast and simple access to data and information regarding business entities based in EBR Member States, as well as to certain documents related to the business entities' operations.

EBR Member States and their data distributors

For a list of providers of business registry data in individual EBR Members see EBR Coverage.

Access to information about business entities in Member States

Data and products of EBR Members can be accessed via the e-EBR application on the AJPES portal by: 
  • 1) Users who register on the AJPES website with a user name and password and pay for commercial data and products before pickup in the e-payments system with credit/debit cards, Moneta or payment order. 
  • 2) Users who have concluded a contract with AJPES to purchase data and products of the European Business Register (the contract is available in Slovenian language only).

The reports and products which can be accessed via the eEBR application are available in English or in the national language of the Member State concerned.

Access to information about Slovenian business entities

Via the EBR network, AJPES also provides information about Slovenian business entities. At the same time, the part of data which constitutes public information is provided free of charge on its webpages ePRS and JOLP. The commercial services which AJPES provides in the EBR network are also available on its website eS.BON at rates decreased by the cost of provision of data through the EBR network.

Information about business entities based in Member States

All EBR Member States allow access to basic information about business entities contained in their business registries, and the scope of basic data varies from state to state.

In addition to providing access to basic information about business entities contained in the business registries, individual members use the EBR network to provide certain additional information and products, such as instruments of incorporation and annual reports or financial statements.

Specific conditions

AJPES provides its users access to data and products about the business entities in EBR Member States subject to the conditions and limitations stated in the General Terms and Conditions for Use of the AJPES Web Portal and in the specific national conditions of EBR Member States.

Price List

The prices for accessing data and products of the EBR Member States' business registries are defined in the EBR Price List.


For instructions regarding payment of the aforementioned data and products see Instructions for payment of services offered via the AJPES web portal.


The reports and products which EBR Member States provide on their business entities and which can be accessed via the eEBR application are available in English or in the national language of the Member State concerned.

All EBR Member States enable access to or searching through basic information on business entities which they maintain in their business registries: 

Company Search (CS)

The user may view a list with the following data: 
  • identification number, 
  • name of business entity, 
  • legal form, 
  • registering (competent) authority, 
  • registered office. 

Company Profile (CP)

The user may view the basic data on the selected business entity, which are contained in the business registry of the country where the business entity's registered office is registered. These data may include (depending on the state concerned): 
  • name of business entity, 
  • business entity identification number, 
  • business entity status, 
  • legal form, 
  • incorporation and registration data, 
  • tax number: 
  • founding capital, 
  • date of the most recent annual report, 
  • contact information (address, telephone number, fax number or e-mail).

Company Appointments (CA)

The user may obtain a list of responsible persons (representatives, members of supervisory bodies, auditors) active within business entities. (The types of responsible persons entered in the registries of EBR Member States depend on the regulations applicable in the Member State concerned.) The user may view the following data: 
  • name of business entity, 
  • identification number of business entity, 
  • legal form of business entity, 
  • contact data (street, postal code, city etc.), 
  • list of responsible persons (type, role/function, date of empowerment, surname or name of entity, name, identification number, date of birth, place of birth, address).

Person Search (PS)

Some Member States also allow the user to search business entities by name and surname of their responsible persons (managers, members of administrative bodies, auditors etc.). This type of search returns a list which shows the business entities and functions in which a specific responsible person appears.

Personal Appointments (PA)

The user may review the following data about an individual responsible person (the extent of available data depends on the scope of data managed within a particular national business registry and on the regulations governing the protection of personal data in a particular country): 
  • name and surname, 
  • natural person's VAT ID number, 
  • date of birth, 
  • resident address, 
  • list of business entities where the person appears as the responsible person.

Products which EBR Member States provide in connection with their business entities

some Member States use the EBR network to provide users with additional documents on business entities, the most common among these being: 
  • viewing (and printing) of business entities' instruments of incorporation, 
  • viewing (and printing) of balance sheets and income statements, 
  • viewing (and printing) of business entities' annual reports, 
  • printout of registry data.

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