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eS.BON online credit rating report provides information on financial performance and credit rating score of company (company, cooperative or sole proprietor) based in Slovenia. It includes the SB credit rating score, determined by S.BON AJPES credit rating model, which complies with Basel rules. The overall probability of a payment default event is calculated for a period of 12 months, which serves as a basis for determining credit ratings. Credit rating report also includes estimated maximum sustainable indebtedness to reflect the financial strength of the business entity.

Price of eS.BON

The price for the credit rating report is EUR 56,00 (incl. VAT), discounts are available for eS.BON packages.
Payment can be done via the ePayments (mobile payments, debit cards, web banks). For instructions regarding payment of eS.BON see Instructions for payment of services offered via the AJPES web portal

eS.BON credit rating report includes

  • general company information collected from various public registries (Slovenian Business Register, Register of Transaction Accounts etc.),
  • the credit rating score which complies with Basel rules (current credit rating score), model-based credit rating score based on latest annual report and all interim changes of model-based credit rating score with explanations of the reasons for such changes (specifications of non-payment events which affected the change of the score),
  • information on short-term payment discipline (company’s bank account blockage, subsidiary’s bank account blockage or payment default event),
  • estimated maximum sustainable indebtedness,
  • company data and indicators for the past five years,
  • data and indicators for the company's activity and the company's position within the activity,
  • revenues and expenses in the current year,
  • access to data and contents of the Court Register,
  • access to published annual reports.

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