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Instructions for payment of services offered via the AJPES web portal

AJPES provides a modern method of accessing and purchasing its online services. We allow you to pay for services via payment order, debit cards or Moneta. The payment procedure is simple.

In order to pay for services via the AJPES portal you must be logged in as a registered user. Please see New user for information on how to obtain a free username and password.

Types of services

AJPES provides access to the following commercial online services via its web portal: 

  • eS.BON - credit ratings for Slovenian companies prepared under Basel II rules (for individual business entities or various packages), 
  • Fi=Po Internet toolkit for financial analyses - collection of data and indicators taken from annual reports and data about outstanding liabilities (blockades) of companies, 
  • wsPrsInfo (available in Slovenian language only) - AJPES web services for direct searching and collection of data on business entities from the Slovenian Business Register (PRS)
  • eEBR - data and documents of members of the European Business Register (EBR) network.

Methods of payment

  • E-payments. In the context of e-Payments you can use the mobile payment system credit cards and web banks. 
  • Prepayments - AJPES (VTA) credits. Prepayment through purchase of AJPES credits provides an easy way to use commercial online services. Credits in your account can be used up to your VTA account balance. There is no limit on the number and amount of prepayments. You can purchase VTA credits: 
    • through e-payments (VTA sredits are available immediately), 
    • through transferring funds into AJPES's bank account (VTA credits become available after funds are transferred into AJPES's account).
  • Contracts. Concluding a contract allows you the option of payment of services on a monthly basis after they are rendered.

The methods of payment for individual services are indicated in the following table:

Type of service Payment method
E-payments Prepayments
Fi=Po Financial analyses
(available in Slovenian language only)


For information on filling the account and overview of the use of the user account see About My account.


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