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S.BON AJPES credit rating model complies with Basel II rules and determines credit rating scores by analysing individual risk factors (profitability, liquidity, indebtedness, activity and productivity) using financial statements and past occurrence of payment default events for the entire population of Slovenian companies (companies, cooperatives and sole proprietors) over a longer period of time. The overall probability of a payment default event is calculated for a period of 12 months, which serves as a basis for determining credit rating scores.

The S.BON AJPES model classifies Slovenian companies into 10 credit rating scores from SB1 (lowest risk) to SB10 (highest risk) according to the credit risk and SB10d as a credit rating score for companies already in default. The credit rating scores are defined on a scale of probability that at least one of the different types of payment default events will occur in a specific case (initiation of bankruptcy, compulsory composition, compulsory liquidation for company or cooperative, personal default or compulsory composition of sole proprietor) in the following 12-month period after the date of the relevant financial statements upon which the credit rating is based. Transaction account blocks and court notices issued for companies and subsidiaries are considered soft information, taken into account when updating credit rating scores during the year, or after credit rating scores have been assigned based on the annual report.

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eS.BON online credit rating report provides information on financial performance and credit rating score of company (company, cooperative or sole proprietor) based in Slovenia.

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