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Mobile application mFi=Po

For quick and free insight info the basic data and performance indicators of business entity registered in Slovenia.

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For a better overview of the business environment and improved legal protection

mFi=Po AJPES is a mobile application which allows users a quick and free insight into the basic data and performance indicators of any business entity (companies, sole proprietors and cooperatives) registered in Slovenia. It provides a graphic illustration of the changes of their key business and financial categories compared to the preceding year and the changes over the past five years, in addition to displaying the location of the registered address of the relevant queried entity on the map.

mFi=Po AJPES contains the following information about the business entity:

  • basic data (entity name, business address, registration and tax number, date of registration in the companies register, bank accounts and principal business activity); 
  • representatives, shareholders and members of supervisory bodies;
  • financial data and indicators (revenues, EBITDA, net profit or loss, assets, equity and number of employees) and a graphic illustration of the changes in these values relative to the preceding year or over the past five-year period.

mFi=Po AJPES is intended for use in the following situations:

  • preliminary business contacts, business meetings and other forms of gaining information about business entities;
  • making decisions whether it is necessary to obtain a S.BON AJPES credit rating in order to gain a more detailed insight into the business entity. The S.BON AJPES credit rating categorizes companies, cooperatives and sole proprietors by their credit (payment) risk and assigns them a credit rating category ranging from SB1 to SB10d. Users can order credit rating reports through the eS.BON AJPES web application.

Data about business entities subject to change in mFi=Po AJPES over the course of the year are updated on a daily basis. The data source is the multi year Fi=Po AJPES database.

Instructions for installation of the application mFi=Po AJPES

  1. To download the application, select the link to the online marketplace, depending on your operating system (a browser window will open):
  2. or search for “mFi=Po AJPES” in your smartphone application you use to search and install other applications.
  3. Click the install button and follow the on-screen instructions. After the application is installed on your smart phone, you can find it in your list of installed applications. The icon representing the mFi=Po AJPES application looks like this:


Use of the mFi=Po AJPES application is free of charge. You are only required to pay any applicable network data transfer charges for on-line access.

  1. Enter the name of the business entity,
      its registration number or tax number
2. Select the entity from the list of hits

Display data (source: business/court register and annual financial reports submitted by business entities):

a. Basic data

 b. Representatives, shareholders, supervisory body

c. Changes in financial indicators

d. Company location (registered address)


increase from previous year
decrease from previous year
unchanged value or change of value lower than 1% compared to previous year
graphic representation of changes in values over the past five-year period

To return to search results or initiate a new search, click:

To close the mFi=Po AJPES application, click the button on your smart phone used to return to the main menu:

Windows Phone 8

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